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On this page you find various Excel documents that show the calculations mentioned in the book. After downloading you can make your own calculations with them. You may use these calculations for publications with the condition that you always publish '© / Pieter Hoff.

Chapter 'Reduction is delay'

Link to Improvement of efficiency does not result in reduction of CO2

In this document the calculations in the yellow cells show clearly that spreading out the CO2 emissions over a longer period has no influence on the final total output. Limiting emissions through using alternative energy or efficiency improvements has no effect on the prevention climate change if this is caused by CO2.

Chapter 'The peculiarities of the Annex-1 countries list of the Kyoto Protocol'

Link to Emissions per capita

This document shows the singularities in emissions per capita resulting from negotiations, where other objectives rather than limiting CO2 output were possibly more important. Note that countries with a high economic growth e.g. Ireland are allowed to raise their output and poor countries e.g. Bulgaria have to limit their reduction. Very wealthy countries such as Taiwan, South Korea or Israel are in the list of 137 countries that have no limits at all.

Chapter 'The "forgotten" population growth'

Link to Influence of population growth on the targets of CO2 reduction

In this document you can find that differences in population growth cause very big inequalities – and in my opinion impossible obligations - in CO2 output limitation.

Chapter 'How large is 50 million hectares?'

Link to The number of hectares

This document shows that there is more than enough space to solve the CO2 pollution problem with trees.

Chapter 'Figures of the Treesolution'

Link to We can solve the CO2 problem if we want to

This document helps you to calculate almost any cost or other important figure involving the solution of the CO2 pollution problem by planting trees.