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This website is created in order to introduce you The Treesolution. It is a book in which I present a solution to clean the air from CO₂ pollution. I was born in 1953 in an agricultural family and currently I live from the license fees that I receive from patented lilies that I created during my professional career. I have a lot of experience growing vegetables, potatoes, seed, flower bulbs and flowers. During my career I had my own company and specialized in being a hybridizer of flowers and had a flower bulb exporting company to over 50 countries with offices in several of them. Through my work I have visited a lot of countries where I have had the privilege to know many cultures and its people. In 2003 I sold my company and dedicated myself to the development of what I call the "Groasis Technology". This is a planting method that enables us to replant deserts, rocky and eroded areas.

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Pieter Hoff