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Pieter Hoff is the author of the book 'The Treesolution'. A solution to the currently too high level of CO₂ emissions is offered in this book. According to some scientists, these emissions can potentially change our climate. The Treesolution is a way to disconnect CO₂ molecules and create harmless C and O atoms. The book explains very clearly why the current Kyoto Protocol is not a solution to the problem of climate change, that is, if climate change It is caused by CO₂.

The Treesolution helps improve our world, creates many jobs, combats desertification and prevents people from migrating from the countryside to the cities. In addition, the Treesolution solves the problem of food scarcity that we will be faced with in the year 2050 when we are ten billion. Along with the publication of the book, a Facebook community page was created under the name 'GreenMusketeer' .

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