The investment to clean the air from CO₂ pollution is cheaper than the costs of saving the bank system since 2008

Dutch inventor Pieter Hoff is author of the book 'The Treesolution'. In this book a solution is offered to the present too high CO₂ emission. The interesting part of the book is that Hoff doesn’t discuss whether climate change exists. He explains that that discussion distracts the attention from the real problem: the undisputable fact that CO₂ concentration in the air rises measurable.

Pieter Hoff says that we can replant a hectare for approximately 2,500 USD. We need two billion hectares of trees to disconnect all present and past CO₂ what is produced through fossil fuels. The total investment to clean the air from the CO₂ pollution is therefore five trillion USD. This investment is smaller than the costs of saving the bank system since 2008. Both USA and Europe spent over six trillion USD to save their banks.

‘’The Treesolution’’ explains that we can clean the air with a money making business model.

Trees create rising water tables, combat erosion and produce interesting products like wood, fruit, oils, extracts, medicines, oxygen and all kind of other products. Also ‘’The Treesolution’’ helps to improve our world, it creates billions of jobs, combats desertification and prevents the migration from people from rural to urban areas. 

The Treesolution also solves the food problem that we face when we are in 2050 with 10 billion people. Together with the publication of the book, a community page on facebook started with the name 'GreenMusketeer'. If you support the Treesolution, then participate and become a Green Musketeer! Join us on Facebook.





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